History & Mission

I have two passions in life; one is creating food that people love to eat and eating food that their bodies will love. I enjoy the tastes, the textures, the aromas, and the colors that excite all the senses at once. My passion lies in the creation of mouth-watering meals. I love to think about how to combine SuperFoods into great-tasting, nutrient-dense meals that people want to eat. I believe that eating healthy and loving what you eat can truly be the same experience.

In my early twenties I began to experience severe digestive issues, lost a large amount of weight and had no energy. The diagnosis was Crohn’s disease, it is an autoimmune disease in which the large and small intestines become inflamed and attack themselves. After a two-year of struggle, I regained my health. The experience left a profound impact. Once I learned that nutrition is health, I discovered my second life passion.

For several years, I consulted doctors who specialize in Crohn’s disease and was surprised the solution was prescription meds that presented the possibility of severe side effects. More surprising was the fact that although I was in full remission, there were no guarantees that the meds would help. Most surprising of all was that when I approached doctors with documentation of foods and their curative potential, there was no interest whatsoever. For me, there has been and always will be a link between a severe digestive disorder and the potential for food to assist in healing.I have been in remission more than ten years thanks to healing properties of SuperFoods coupled with exercise to reduce stress. I used to struggle with weight.

My weight fluctuated directly with my inconsistent levels of will power. In researching nutrition’s role in promoting ideal weight, the same truth kept appearing. It’s one that we all know — breakfast! Eating the right thing in the morning is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of health and weight control. Everybody knows that time is the enemy. I didn’t have the time nor the discipline to make and eat a full breakfast. I realised that smoothies could provide quick and convenient nutritious meals. However, the smoothies on the market were short on nutrition and shorter on satisfaction.

I discovered many foods that, calorie-per-calorie, are MUCH more filling than others. Protein from nuts and seeds, slow-digesting fibres such as oats and spinach, and new foods like chia seeds that absorb nine times their weight, when added to smoothies, curb hunger and cravings. I became very interested in SuperFoods five years ago. I was intrigued by the antioxidant powers found in blueberries and matcha green tea and the anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger and spinach. Despite having all this beneficial information, combining SuperFoods into meals and having time to eat them was impossible.

I knew at that very moment I wanted to create something that was delicious, convenient, filling, curbed cravings, was highly nutritious and disease preventative. Voila! SmoothMeals was born. For the past ten years, I have created blended meals drawn only whole foods and SuperFoods. People who incorporate SmoothMeals into their daily life know the difference! Now I want to share SmoothMeals with you. I love what I eat and it loves me.