Weight Control

Consuming the RIGHT kind of calories in the morning is PROVEN to control your appetite for the entire day, eliminating cravings. You will experience no abdominal fat storage because SmoothMeals contain no useless white carbs. for more info.

Cognitive Health & Calmness

The high omega 3 content in SmoothMeals is protective against Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases. Certain antioxidants also help keep your mind sharp. SmoothMeals also contain ingredients that elevate mood and promote a sense of calmness.

Highly Nutritious

SmoothMeals contain nutrient-dense ingredients also known as SuperFoods. They are plant based and mostly raw allowing maximum retention of nutrients and enzymes that promote digestion and absorption. SmoothMeals release more enzymes and nutrients because they use only nuts, seeds, and grains that are at the height of germination.


Soluble fibers and chia seeds in SmoothMeals form gels that naturally cleans the digestive system. SmoothMeals contain many vitamins and minerals that aid to flush toxins out of your system.

Heart Health

Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Soluble fibre in oats lowers bad cholesterol by breaking it down for elimination from the body. Omega 3 fats found in SmoothMeals are essential for fighting inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

Skin Health

Protect, promote, and hydrate your skin. Slow the aging process with natural clear skin SmoothMeals . Chia seeds are natural moisturizers that revitalize dry skin. Omega 3 repairs and heals skin damage. Vitamin E found in almond milk, protects skin from harmful free radicals.


SmoothMeals are specifically designed to be highly anti-inflammatory. SmoothMeals contain foods that will put out the fire of inflammation in your body.

Immune system support

Ingredients in all SmoothMeals significantly enhance your immune systems response to viral and bacterial infection. SmoothMeals naturally keep the immune system balanced.

Healthy gut

SmoothMeals naturally promote regularity because they are high in insoluble fibres that sweep the digestive track clean. SmoothMeals contain soluble fibre that allows good bacteria – probiotics– to flourish.

Eye health

SmoothMeals are excellent at preventing macular degeneration and the formation of cataracts due to their high vitamin A and lutein found.

Cell protection

SmoothMeals contain countless properties such as natural phytochemicals and that may reduce your risk of cancer.


All SmoothMeals are designed to be very high antioxidants which have powerful disease preventative and anti-aging effects. You consume the right amount drawn from a WIDE VARIETY of SuperFoods.

Strong bones

SmoothMeals are designed to maintain bone strength by limiting an acidic environment and by being an excellent source of calcium.

SmoothMeals are high in fibre, protein, and slow digesting carbs, your blood sugar remains stable all day, eliminating cravings. Fueling the body with a SmoothMeal when you start your day will burn calories rather than storing them as fat. The powerful soluble fibres in SmoothMeals absorb liquid and further help keep hunger at bay. Being highly nutritious, your body will feel very satisfied, shutting down hunger. SmoothMeals hydrate the body and balance your electrolytes for even more satiation. Because you feel fuller longer, you hold a vital key to weight control.